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Sterling Silver Birth Month Flower Necklace

Sterling Silver Birth Month Flower Necklace

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Jewellery with an everlasting bloom, hand stamped in N.Ireland.


Introducing our Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Birth Flower Necklace – a timeless piece of elegance with sentiment. Crafted with attention to detail, each necklace bears the hallmark of bespoke hand-drawn birth flowers, making it a truly personalised treasure. Created right here in the heart of Ireland, this necklace embodies the rich heritage of craftsmanship and carries the essence of your special moments.

🌼 Embrace the Beauty of Every Month 🌼

Celebrate the unique charm of each birth month with our hand-stamped collection.

January -

Snowdrop - Devotion, Love & Affection

Carnation - Purity, Innocence & Hope

February -

Iris - Courage, Wisdom & Hope

Violet - Loyalty, Faithfulness & Love

March -

Daffodil - Happiness & New Beginnings.

April -

Daisy - Purity, Innocence & Loyalty

Sweet Pea - Blissful Pleasure & Friendship

May -

Lily of the Valley - Sweetness, Purity & Happiness

Hawthorn - Hope, Happiness & Beauty

June -

Rose - Beauty, Love & Honour

Honeysuckle - Happiness, Affection & Devotion

July -

Waterlily - Happiness, Purity & Innocence

Larkspur - Love, Joy & Grace

August -

Poppy - Beauty, Strength Of Character & Love

Gladiolus - Strength, Generosity & Honesty

September -

Aster - Love, Wisdom & Faith

Morning Glory - Affection, Love & Passion

October -

Marigold - Warmth, Love & Creativity

Cosmos - Order, Peace & Serenity

November -

Chrysanthemum - Happiness, Friendship & Honesty

December -

Holly - Sweetness, Peace & Goodwill

Narcissus - Faithfulness, Respect & Modesty



Each piece of Birth Flower Jewellery comes in our luxe gift box with a gift card illustrated with each birth month flower and a message describing their symbolic meanings.

Customise our blossom necklace further by adding extra birth flower pendants to create your very own evelasting bouquet or birthstone charms listed separately.

Click Here - 

Birth Folwer Pendant

Birthstone Pendant


🌸 A Necklace of Profound Meaning 🌸

This Birth Flower Necklace is a keepsake laden with emotion. A perfect gift for women, mothers, and grandmothers, it serves as a gentle reminder of cherished moments and beloved individuals. Whether it's a celebration of life, a token of gratitude, or a gesture of remembrance, this necklace symbolises the beauty of relationships and the essence of love.

🌿 Handcrafted in Ireland, Heartfelt Everywhere 🌿

Hand-crafted with love in Ireland, this necklace captures the essence of Irish artistry. The delicate sterling silver chain gracefully holds the pendant, making it a wearable piece of art. Worn close to the heart it speaks volumes about the bonds that define us.

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