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Birth Month Flower Beaded Bracelet - Mix Metal

Birth Month Flower Beaded Bracelet - Mix Metal

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Celebrate your special month with this beautiful Mix Metal Birth Month Flower Beaded Bracelet. Each one is lovingly crafted with a hand stamped birth flower that capture the essence and unique beauty of the season you were born into. Show off your birth season with this special bracelet.

ūüĆľ Embrace the Beauty of Every Month ūüĆľ

Celebrate the unique charm of each birth month with our hand-stamped collection.

January -

Snowdrop - Devotion, Love & Affection

Carnation - Purity, Innocence & Hope

February -

Iris - Courage, Wisdom & Hope

Violet - Loyalty, Faithfulness & Love

March -

Daffodil - Happiness & New Beginnings.

April -

Daisy - Purity, Innocence & Loyalty

Sweet Pea - Blissful Pleasure & Friendship

May -

Lily of the Valley - Sweetness, Purity & Happiness

Hawthorn - Hope, Happiness & Beauty

June -

Rose - Beauty, Love & Honour

Honeysuckle - Happiness, Affection & Devotion

July -

Waterlily - Happiness, Purity & Innocence

Larkspur - Love, Joy & Grace

August -

Poppy - Beauty, Strength Of Character & Love

Gladiolus - Strength, Generosity & Honesty

September -

Aster - Love, Wisdom & Faith

Morning Glory - Affection, Love & Passion

October -

Marigold - Warmth, Love & Creativity

Cosmos - Order, Peace & Serenity

November -

Chrysanthemum - Happiness, Friendship & Honesty

December -

Holly - Sweetness, Peace & Goodwill

Narcissus - Faithfulness, Respect & Modesty

 Customise our blossom bracelets further by adding an extra birth flower or birthstone charms.

Listed separately -

Click Here To Add Your Birth Flower Pendents

Whether you pick your own birth flower or someone you love, it is a bloom that will last forever.

Each piece of Birth Flower jewellery comes in our gift bag with a gift card illustrated with each birth month flower and a message describing their symbolic meanings.

All Hand Stamped In N.Ireland .


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